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How quickly does a soil health program work?

This  is a burning question for most people starting out on a soil health program. The answer is "it depends"...a trademark response of one of my colleagues. This response is a frustrating tease on the face of it, but it is absolutely correct. There are many factors contributing to soil health and balancing all of…
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What is Soil Health

What is Soil Health? I'd say its the ability of a soil to provide much more than just support for a plant's root system. Many describe Soil Health as a three legged stool. To support the plant there must be balanced and adequate mineral support, a healthy physical environment and an active, diverse biological profile. Without…
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What is Agrisense

Agrisense is a small business based in the mid north coast of New South Wales focussing on plant nutrition, soil health and ultimately plant health. My name is Marc Percival. I run the business out of Raleigh Industrial Estate and visit farms, golf courses and gardens, sampling soils, plant material and assessing sites and crops, pastures…
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  • Amanita muscaria
  • Amanita phalloides
  • Astraeus hygrometricus
  • Lactarius sp.
  • Melanogaster ambiguus
  • Morchella elata
  • Phlebopus marginatus
  • Suillus luteus