About Agrisense
This dynamic soil management business is lead by Marc Percival, one of only five registered organic consultants in Australia with 27 years experience, member of The Australian Institute of Horticulture and a specialist in Plant Nutrition and Soil Management. Marc blends experience, innovation and a combination of exciting new biologically "soft" products with proven crop and soil management techniques that will dramatically and sustainably revitalise your farm, garden or turfed area and improve your local environment.
Agrisense optimises soil and land management by providing independent professional advice on soil regeneration and plant nutrition, based on accredited laboratory analysis. Our client’s requirements for quality and accuracy are matched with  simple, sustainable techniques to achieve their goals. Agrisense-icon-banner







The state of our land

The last 100 years have seen a protracted onslaught on soil biomass accompanying high intensity food & fibre production. As a result, the fragile Soil Foodweb, the essential web of microbial associations that sustain & renew soil & plant life has been decimated. Production techniques are beginning to fail as salinity, erosion & resistance to agricultural pesticides create a huge rise in farm input costs.


Advanced farming techniques

PRecent adoption of advanced biological farming techniques has proven highly effective in land management & biomass remediation. This reduces water loss, fertiliser, pesticide & fuel costs & returns some level of resilience to essential soil microbial associations. Agrisense works with you to develop sustainable plant nutrition programs that WORK. AgriSense has a unique range of soil health products, analysis & advisory services. We provide a balance between traditional regimes & a more ecologically friendly & sustainable approach.



  •  Improved soil structure & reduced soil compaction. -
  • Greater water infiltration & moisture retention. -
  • Increased root growth. -
  • Reduction in leaching and soil erosion.
  • Improved nutrient availability. -
  • Reduction in both leaf & soil disease. -
  • Improvement in crop quality & yield.