What is Soil Health

Soil-HandWhat is Soil Health? I'd say its the ability of a soil to provide much more than just support for a plant's root system.

Many describe Soil Health as a three legged stool. To support the plant there must be balanced and adequate mineral support, a healthy physical environment and an active, diverse biological profile. Without all of these working together the likelihood of collapse is not far away.

Investigation of soil chemistry using a soil test from an accredited laboratory is the best way to identify the mineral status of your soil, combine this with reliable and valid interpretation and a program can be devised to suit your crop requirements and begin the process of returning your soil to mineral balance.
Timely application of the right minerals so they are available when the plant needs them is critical to plant health and goes a long way toward soil health

Plants need light, air, water, support, dark and suitable temperature. Aspect is crucial to temperature while moisture lack and a compacted soil will restrict growth and encourage disease. A waterlogged soil will do the same. Soil texture, structure and Organic Matter levels are crucial to plant survival and success.

It is essential to assess your site and ameliorate conditions to enable optimal plant growth. Using an experienced plant growth professional is invaluable in the planning and evaluation of you site and crop responses.

Biological health is highly dependent on the previous factors being optimised. An extensive biological assessment allows us to design a program to replace what may be missing among the microbial community in your soil. Following this, inoculation with composts, compost teas and appropriate foods helps promote biological balance and a community suited to the type of crop you are growing, this helps repair soil and plant health.  Given time, the outcome is a disease suppressive soil and a crop that is strong, self reliant and combines high nutrient density with impeccable flavor and excellent storage properties.

A healthy soil breaks down residues of crops and disrupts pest and disease life cycles. Good soil structure suits the best beneficial components. As a result a healthy active soil saves water, reduces pollution and soil erosion while discouraging pests and severely restricting plant disease. Flavor becomes intense, nutrient density peaks and human health soon follows.

To achieve this, most people need some help along the way. Call me, I'm ready to help improve your plants using the best laboratories, reliable valid technical investigation is the best way to begin to improve your crop, yield and suppress pests and diease.

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