What is Agrisense

Agrisense is a small business based in the mid north coast of New South Wales focussing on plant nutrition, soil health and ultimately plant health. 
My name is Marc Percival. I run the business out of Raleigh Industrial Estate and visit farms, golf courses and gardens, sampling soils, plant material and assessing sites and crops, pastures and orchards in order to optimize plant health, through soil health.
I am a qualified Horticulturist of 32 years standing, a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture and a registered consultant with Australian Certified Organic.
In 2003 I qualified as a Soil Foodweb Advisor with the Soil Foodweb Institiute under Dr Elaine Ingham.
I am strongly focussed on sustainable horticulture/agriculture techniques and an Independant advisor.
I am a plant nutrition specialist and work for conventional and organic farmers in a wide range of horticultural crops including hydroponics.
I am able to advise on farm change to Organic Horticulture, improving your farm or enterprise practices either for organic conversion or just to improve your yield, help to solve problems and move your conventional farm toward best practice.
I use accredited laboratories to provide reliable data for decision support enabling farmers to improve plant growth. I interpret soil, leaf and water analysis, prepare programs based on your farm, crop and situation to give you a simple and customized program.
I work for you...not for a sales manager, so get in touch and let's get started

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