I am a Macadamia grower on the Mid North Coast with approximately 1800 trees under management. The main orchard was planted 1992 using mixed HAAS and Australian A series varieties grafted onto H2 rootstock. Research published by the Australian Macadamia Society and Queensland and NSW Agricultural Departments formed the basis of my specific horticultural knowledge and techniques. A system of industry best practices was implemented which included a program of annual soil testing with analysis and advice based on standard sampling and testing regimes.

In 2004 I observed a significant deterioration in the crop yield and kernel quality with no obvious cause being highlighted in the soil tests or horticultural practices. We engaged Marc Percival as our agronomist at this point. Marc immediately embarked on an intensive investigation which included soil health, tree nutrition and cation balancing. A number of major deficiencies in soil health and cation balancing were identified and a subsequent remedial program was put in place.

The end result was the restoration of our yields and kernel quality to above industry standards the following year. We have retained Marc on a continuing basis as our agronomist since this event and have been rewarded with high yields and kernel quality as a result of his programs and advice, a lot of which have now been adopted industry wide. We have also observed a measurable increase in orchard vitality and soil condition since Marc's techniques have been adopted.

D.Philips , Macadamia Grower NSW