Peter and I have engaged Marc Percival to assist us on our Macadamia Farm with Soil and Leaf Analysis and Fertiliser Recommendations and Compost Teas since the end of 2003.

The health of our soil and hence our Macadamia Trees have improved dramatically under Marc's guidance. 18 months ago our new slope of 1200 young (average 6 yrs) Macadamia Trees, all became yellow, sparse and sickly.

A leaf and root analysis failed to give a decisive diagnosis. Marc prescribed a fertiliser & soil health regeneration regime that completely turned these trees around. From looking like they were all dying, they are now green, flushing well and laden with nuts. We have always found Marc to be very responsive to requests and timeframes.

We wish to become organic certified in the future and Marc has been active in researching and suggesting ways to achieve this. Marc is very personable, knowledgeable and helpful and we are happy to recommend him to other growers.

Susan Ranking, Macadamia Grower NSW