Understanding AgriSense Liquid Compost

In the production of Liquid Compost, which is sometimes referred to as “compost tea”, AgriSense takes as its starting point some basic principles as defined by the Soil Foodweb Institute. The Soil Foodweb is the dynamic interaction among living organisms in the soil and on plant roots and foliage. Properly managed, this interaction can optimize plant-available nutrition and promote resistance to disease.

Soil Foodweb Technology is an innovative science that has involved many years of research and development, both internationally and here in Australia. Our understanding of the field continues to grow, and is being supported by ever- increasing amounts of positive statistical data.

At AgriSense we refer to our high quality compost teas as Liquid Compost This serves to differentiate our product from various other liquids, fermented materials, leachates and extracts that are often referred to, and marketed as, “Compost Tea “

Why use Liquid Compost ?

Liquid Compost is used for two reasons: To inoculate microbial life into the soil or onto the foliage of plants, and to add soluble nutrients to the foliage or to the soil to feed the organisms and the plants present. The use of Liquid Compost is indicated whenever the organisms in the soil or on the plant are not at optimum levels. Chemical-based pesticides, fumigants, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers kill a range of the beneficial microorganisms that encourage plant growth. Liquid Compost can replenish this lost biological activity, improving the life in the soil and on plant surfaces. High quality Liquid Compost will inoculate the leaf surface and soil with beneficial microorganisms, instead of destroying them.

What is AgriSense Liquid Compost ?

Our Liquid Compost is produced by extracting naturally occurring soluble nutrients and biomass (bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes) from biologically rich organic materials The process is performed at controlled temperatures, and in an actively stimulated oxygen rich environment The maintenance of a plentiful supply of oxygen in the brew via active aeration is an essential feature in the production of our Liquid Compost.

The brewing of Liquid Compost is a process which has several parallels with wine or beer making. It therefore demands extremely high standards of quality control, both in terms of cleanliness and ingredient selection. At AgriSense, we have an absolute commitment to maintaining these standards

Benefits of using of Liquid Compost containing the WHOLE foodweb include:

Nurture plant health as a result of protecting plant surfaces with beneficial organisms         which occupy infection sites and prevent disease-causing organisms from colonising the plant.

Foster plant growth as a result of improving nutrient retention in the soil, and therefore reduce fertiliser use, and loss of nutrients into ground and surface waters.

Balance plant nutrition by increasing nutrient availability in the root system as predator-prey interactions increase plant available nutrients in the right place, time and amounts that the plant needs.

Reduce the negative impacts of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers on beneficial microorganisms in the ecosystem.

Promote the uptake of nutrients by increasing foliar uptake as beneficial micro-organisms increase the time stomates stay open, while at the same time reducing evaporative loss from the leaf surface.

Reduce water loss, improve water-holding in the soil, and increase water use efficiency in your system.

Optimize tilth by building better soil structure. Note; biology builds soil structure, and ALL the groups in the foodweb are required in order to be successful. You can’t have just bacteria, you must have fungi, protozoa, nematodes and micro-arthropods as well!

AgriSense Liquid Compost contains a huge diversity of organisms. It is this diversity of species, as well as the large quantity of individuals in each species, which makes our product so effective.

If you want to inoculate your soil and plants with a healthy and beneficial variety of bacteria, fungi, protozoans and nematodes, AgriSense Liquid Compost is available to your order.

We are also able to “tailor make” a brew to suit particular requirements which may be specific to your soil and/or plants. And, with AgriSense Liquid Compost, as with every AgriSense product, you are of course assured of our full technical advice and support at all times.

The Principal of AgriSense is a Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor
Your guarantee of the highest quality and most current practical advice in the field of applied soil ecology.

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