As a result of intensive management many soils have become biologically weak, once abundant populations of beneficial soil organisms have declined and soil structure has been badly affected. As soil structure collapses pore spaces in the soil reduce and the soil gradually becomes more compacted, in turn air exchange and moisture availability to the roots is reduced, and anaerobic conditions that favour disease-causing organisms can occur.

As the cycle continues moisture and nutrient retention also reduces, increasing runoff, erosion & the loss of nutrients. Liquid Compost is used for two reasons: To inoculate microbial life into the soil or onto the foliage of plants, and to add soluble nutrients to the foliage or to the soil to feed the organisms and the plants present. AgriSense Liquid Compost is an actively aerated biological liquid, containing an enormous number, and diversity of beneficial organisms, it combines a number of natural products (including kelps, fish products, and organic acids) to maximise its biological potency. In addition to its biological properties AgriSense Liquid Compost introduces a range of plant growth hormones and enzymes to encourage plant growth, and provides a broad range of trace minerals.

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