Marc Percival Horticulturalist

Healthy Soil means Healthy Food

Turf Rejuvenation

Plant Nutrition Services

Balanced Sustainable Plant Nutrition and Soil Care

Optimising soil and land management by providing independent professional advice on soil regeneration and plant nutrition, based on accredited laboratory analysis.

Our client’s requirements for quality and accuracy are matched with simple, sustainable
techniques to achieve their goals.

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We work for you not a sales manager

Independent, Accredited Laboratory Analysis

If you care about your soil, then we have something in common.
  • Organic Farm Services
  • Plant Health and Nutrition Service
  • ON-SITE Soil Testing & Evaluation
  • 30 yrs Professional Experience
  • Accredited Laboratory Analysis
"The end result was the restoration of our yields and kernel quality to above industry standards the following year." Macadamia Grower NSW
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